Capital J Investments (CJI) is the private investment office of Jordan Grives, investing in a wide range of alternative assets, both private and public.


Founded by telecommunications entrepreneur Jordan Grives, Capital J Investments aims to foster growth in promising businesses through capital investment, mentorship, and industry connections. We have a diverse business portfolio, with investments in a wide range of alternative assets under management, both domestically and internationally.

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What We Invest In


After founding and successfully exiting multiple ventures, we understand the fundamentals of starting, growing, and expanding a business. We recognise the value of finding suitable partners who can help execute your vision and take your business to the next level with their experience and capital.

Fonebox was acquired for ~$30M by J2 Global (NASDAQ: JCOM) in 2016.

Fone Dynamics was acquired for all 100% scrip by Uniti Group Ltd (ASX: UWL) in 2019.

Uniti Group Ltd was acquired and delisted in 2022 for $3.7 Billion by Morrison and Co Consortium.


We take particular interest in private investments that have not yet reached the public markets. We can add significant value to the right companies and help them achieve their business goals.

Who We Work With

The A & J Grives Foundation was started by Jordan and his wife Amelia in 2022. Its purpose is to fulfil the philanthropic endeavours that they are passionate about. It supports a wide selection of charitable and NFP organisations. If you’re seeking support, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.