Founded by telecommunications entrepreneur, Jordan Grives, Capital J Investments aims to foster growth in promising businesses through capital investment, mentorship, and industry connections. We have a diverse business portfolio, with investments in a diverse range of alternative assets under management, both domestically and internationally. Transparency and clear, mutual understanding are paramount for any positions we take.

After our latest venture, Fone Dynamics was acquired by Uniti Group Ltd. Jordan joined the Executive Leadership team and gained significant experience transitioning from a startup to a successful publicly listed company. His involvement was a unique learning experience and extremely rewarding, as he was able to steer the business to continued growth and become one of Australia’s fastest-growing listed companies.

Our key focuses include:

  • Public Equities (Direct Positions, Funds, and Options)
  • Private Equity (Direct and Funds)
  • Venture Capital (All stages)
  • Property Investments and Developments (Queensland focus)
  • Property and Mezzanine finance deals.
  • Special Situations and Alternate co-invest opportunities.


Jordan Grives is a business leader with an undeniable passion and vision for long-term capital growth. He started Fonebox in 2007, a telecommunications business focusing on niche telecommunications services such as 1300/1800 numbers when he was fresh out of school. After seeing substantial growth in ten years, he exited that business to Los Angeles based J2 Global (Nasdaq: JCOM), a global multi-billion-dollar technology company, for close to $30M.

He later established Fone Dynamics in 2015, a CPaaS business focused on programmable communications. It was sold for a 100% scrip into the newly listed Uniti Wireless Ltd (ASX: UWL), with Jordan becoming a major shareholder of the group. Joining the executive team, he played a small role in Uniti Group Ltd’s meteoric rise over the next three years, from a circa $25M market cap to a $3.7Bn+ exit in 2022. Uniti Group Ltd was acquired and delisted by a scheme of arrangement led by Morrison and Co.

In 2017, he launched Capital J Investments as his private investment office, focussing on a wide range of diverse assets, including public and private equity.

His dynamic business acumen was recognised with a plethora of prestigious industry awards. He was a finalist for the EY Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, the Brisbane Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, and the Lord Mayor’s Business Person of the Year in 2015 and appeared in the Forbes 30 under 30. He attributes his success to his ability to take bold risks, plenty of persistence, no bullshit and embrace a Gen Y attitude to corporate dealings.

A Peek Into Jordan’s Life

Outside his work, Jordan enjoys an occasional game of chess (fun fact: he was a U18 Chess Champion at 13). He is also an avid collector of luxury cars and watches. During his downtime, he enjoys time in Noosa with his wife, Amelia and three dogs.

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Who We Work With

The A & J Grives Foundation was started by Jordan and his wife Amelia in 2022. Its purpose is to fulfil the philanthropic endeavours that they are passionate about. It supports a wide selection of charitable and NFP organisations. If you’re seeking support, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.